Are any of these questions keeping you awake at night

or distracted during the day?


How do I lead my team with power and passion

What is my next work in the world

When can I find time to reflect on my big ideas 

What's happened to that promotion I thought I had lined up

Where's my seat and my voice at the executive table 


I have my bucket list speaking opportunity but am stuck on how to start my prep

I want the stage but when I get up there I don't do my best

How can I adapt my presentation for different audiences


My team needs to communicate with more conviction

Lack of authentic relationships are holding back my division's work within the company



Nan's programs help YOU accelerate or navigate change 

Speech Coaching

Do you have a major presentation or speech coming up?  

Nan has helped clients prepare for venues ranging from The White House, to the TED stage, to the Board Room. Whether your audience is an All Hands meeting, a 10,000 person conference or an intimate group of potential funders, Nan has done it. She has coached clients through the steps to

  • conquer habits that undermine presence
  • address any audience with conviction
  • claim the spotlight.

She has also helped them write scripts that drew comments such as "Everyone said my speech was incredibly powerful", and "I came across as authentic, natural and unscripted."


Should you be up for promotion but you're not?

Nan's executive coaching clients come from a wide range of environments: large corporations, start-ups, nationally recognized foundations and non-profits, and social entrepreneurs. Working with Nan they have

  • clarified their goals
  • uncovered their passion and purpose
  • structured their agendas to decrease stress and increase focused time
  • learned to lead with conviction and authenticity.

GROUP Training

Is your team lacking presence and authority ?

Using skills honed over a 20-year coaching career Nan can step in and help. Her programs help teams

  • communicate with clarity & conviction
  • present with authority and authenticity
  • work together with purpose and focus






Step Away from the Podium and into the Spotlight

For over 20 years, my presentation skills training and speech coaching have helped numerous prominent professionals deliver powerful speeches. I've coached clients to prepare for:

  • TED talks
  • an appearance on The Colbert Report
  • a meeting with Hillary Clinton’s staff at the State Department
  • President Obama’s Secretary of Education

I’ve helped C-Level executives of large corporations prepare presentations for:

  • their Boards of Directors
  • potential investors
  • important employee town halls
  • press interviews

Organizations hire me to train executive staff and high-potential leaders.

Nonprofit directors seek my advice for maximizing their fundraising.

And emerging business leaders call for social entrepreneur coaching.

Though their roles may differ, their goals are the same. My expertise and guidance has helped them all step onto a bigger stage with clarity and confidence.

Contact me to see how you can increase your influence through powerful presentations.