EXECUTIVE COACHING, Speech Coaching & Presentation Training

You have a vision for making the world a better place, and to realize that vision, you need to share it with the world.

Nan Crawford & Her Highly Skilled Team Coach Clients on Strategies for Overcoming Fear when Speaking in Public


Once you articulate your message in a clear and compelling manner, and really prepare to step onto a bigger stage, your audience will do more than sit up and take notice, they’ll stand up and take action.

Whether you’re presenting to your boss or a large audience, you need to take the same series of steps:

    •    clarify your intention
    •    craft a dynamic message
    •    discover the stories that will bring your presentation to life
    •    rehearse, polish, and deliver a powerful presentation with authenticity and passion                                        

Nan Crawford &Co. has created a step-by-step system to easily guide you through each of these stages.
Together we can identify your needs, evaluate your strengths and elevate your presentation power. Whether you want to land a more prominent position, boost your sales, or be the most talked about speaker at an upcoming conference, we’ll discuss your public speaking goals and create an action plan to achieve them during your free

“How to Shine in the Spotlight” strategy session.

As a leadership & presentation skills experts, we can guide you toward success in:

    •    High-Stakes Presentations
    •    Executive Presentations
    •    Board of Directors Presentations
    •    Challenging Conversations
    •    Motivational Speaking
    •    Keynote Speaking
    •    Funding Pitches
    •    Interviews
    •    Sales

Step Away from the Podium and into the Spotlight

For over 20 years, Nan's presentation skills training and speech coaching have helped numerous prominent professionals deliver powerful speeches. She's coached clients to prepare for:

  • TED talks

  • an appearance on The Colbert Report

  • a meeting with Hillary Clinton’s staff at the State Department

  • President Obama’s Secretary of Education

Nan and her team have helped C-Level executives of large corporations prepare presentations for:

  • their Boards of Directors

  • potential investors

  • important employee town halls

  • press interviews

Organizations hire Nan Crawford &Co. to train executive staff and high-potential leaders.

Nonprofit directors seek our advice for maximizing their fundraising.

And emerging business leaders call for social entrepreneur coaching.

Though their roles may differ, their goals are the same. Our expertise and guidance has helped them all step onto a bigger stage with clarity and confidence.

Contact Nan crawford&Co. to see how you can increase your influence through HIGH-IMPACT CONVERSATIONS & powerful presentations.