Nan Delivers Keynotes with "INSPIRING Creative Energy"

Strategic Storytelling Presentation at LinkedIn. Photograph by Lisa Kessler.

Strategic Storytelling Presentation at LinkedIn. Photograph by Lisa Kessler.

Nan Crawford’s presentations are invigorating and inspiring experiences that leave audiences eager to take on the challenges before them. Topics include:



Inspire Your Audience to Take Action

The Harvard Business Review writes: 

“Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul…”

Presentation Details

This presentation makes a compelling case for the effectiveness of storytelling in a business environment. Your audience will learn criteria for dynamic storytelling and techniques to adapt them specifically for a business environment. The interactive event provides practice opportunities and peer coaching to hone these skills.

In addition, Nan will focus on key techniques to:

·     Craft a succinct, compelling story 

·     Connect with the hearts and minds of your audience

·     Know when to use what story 

·     Sequence the story and inherent lesson to maximize its effect

Your audience will leave empowered to use their personal and professional experience in new and productive ways to build cohesive teams, engage their audiences and move them from inspiration to action.

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Tools to Navigate Challenge & Instigate Change 

We’re all faced with a daily deluge of demands and distractions. It can be understandably tempting to pull back and play it safe. How do we reconnect to an enlivened sense of innate determination? How do we stay focused on what matters most while being flexible and innovative? How do we approach the personal, professional and planetary challenges before us with courageous creativity?

Join this energizing, interactive session to…

:: Examine the key obstacle that holds us back from creating a culture of authenticity and innovation.

:: Learn insights from neuroscience research on creativity, improvisation, and cognitive flexibility.

:: Understand the mindset that helps us act decisively in the midst of uncertainty.

:: Leverage a fundamental tool of collaboration to increase empathy.

:: And discover for ourselves, our organizations, and our communities how to embody leadership with clarity and confidence. 




You don’t have to think of yourself as a complete fraud to be affected by the imposter syndrome. Research shows that women systematically undervalue their own abilities. Similarly, women habitually attribute their success to others, while men typically attribute their success to their own ability. 

Learn strategies from Nan’s master’s thesis on Transforming The Inner Critic and her decades of experience coaching executives to lead with confidence. Stop yourself from stopping yourself.

Presentation Details

Nan delivers tools you can use to:

· counteract the voices of doubt we all navigate

· eliminate unconscious habits that undermine your authority

· assert your place at any business “table”

· claim who you are as a leader with confidence and conviction


increase your influence with powerful presentations

Sharpen Your Content, Mindset and Delivery for High-Stakes Presentations and High-Impact Conversations 

A 2014 Forbes article declared, 

“every individual on a business stage needs to develop the strongest presentation abilities they possibly can”. 

Whether speaking to 1, 10, 100 or 10,000, your ability to engage your audience, communicate your vision and inspire action, is essential. You can have an incredible idea or powerful perspective, but if you do not deliver it with clarity and conviction, you will lose your audience. You risk losing your chance to influence key decisions. Whether you are a project manager, team leader or an Officer in the company, persuasive presentation skills are vital. 

Presentation Details

 This program will introduce skills and systems to sharpen your content, mindset and delivery for high-stakes presentations and high-impact conversations. Participants will learn how to approach each presentation with a focus on both the internal issues of strategy and the external elements of delivery. How we deliver our message is as vital as what we have to say and why. 

The workshop will blend discussion of key ideas and experiential exercises for participants to practice with their own material. 

Specifically we will focus on tools you can use to:

·      Distill your ideas into a meaningful message 

·      Eliminate unconscious habits that undermine your authority

·      Embody your message with unshakable determination

·      Expand the expressive power of your voice

·      Inspire your audience to take action

·      Learn to command the stage, boardroom or water-cooler

Nan Crawford has the creative fuel to fire up your audience.

Contact us to learn more about her dynamic presentations and how she can enliven your event.


“Powerful. A bringing together of the people, ideas, and values of the whole event.”

— Alan Webber
Founding Editor
Fast Company


“Nan Crawford helped us create a tremendously creative, innovative, engaging and successful event!”

— Chris Bahr
Director of Product Management


“Inspiring … creative energy for corporate productivity!”

— Robyn Waters
VP of Trend & Design TARGET


“Meaningful. Nan’s presentation generated an environment of ongoing respect and appreciation for each person.”

— Heather Henderson
Director of Training
Viking/Office Depot


“Inspiring. Thoughtful. Powerful. Innovative… are some of the many positive comments we received. We have a tough audience and you exceeded our expectations in every way.”

— Johanna Hernandez
Office of Innovation & Strategy
City of Tucson