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I am on a mission to create a world where women and girls know their power.

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Nan’s clients take the stage at TEDwomen: Sunita Basnet, Jacqueline Patiño & Malaypinas of (Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED)

Are any of these true for you?

  • Do you want to increase your influence, but need more confidence and clarity?
  • Do you have an opportunity to present at an important conference or meeting, but feel under-prepared and nervous because of the high-stakes.
  • Perhaps you’re pitching to a potential client or major funder you really want to work with.
  • Or your last speaking engagement didn’t go as well as you would have liked.
  • Or do you get stage fright when you have to present to people of power and authority — and thus forget your own?

I can help you

take simple steps to feel confident and fully prepared for your next high-stakes presentation or high-impact conversation

I specialize in working with visionary leaders to step onto a bigger stage. As both an inspirational speaker and a dynamic speaker coach, I have helped hundreds of visionary leaders. I can help you increase your influence through delivering dynamic presentations. With a background in theater and 20 years experience as an expert in leadership and courageous creativity, I’ve discovered the key steps to help you:

  • Easily articulate your unique message perspective in a confident & compelling way,
  • Powerfully transform your inner critic and overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Fully embody your strengths and step into your authentic presence
  • Elevate your motivational speaking, keynote speaking or sales pitches
  • Dramatically improve your presence on any stage,
  • Inspire your audience to take meaningful action,
  • Increase your influence, your impact and your income.

Whether you’re speaking to an audience of 1, 10, 1000, or 10,000… When your presentation skills skyrocket, so does your business. When your clarity, courage and creativity align, your ability to make a difference in the world is unstoppable.

discover the secret

to your speaking success

Influential leaders, well-known authors and speakers from many disciplines have called me their “secret weapon”. They come to me when they’re speaking to thousands, when it’s a make-or-break situation and they want a speaker coach to help insure their success. I would love to be standing in the wings with you when it’s your time to walk on stage and shine. I’ve coached Social Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Authors, Non-Profit Leaders, Corporate Executives and Women’s Leadership Conference participants to conquer their public speaking anxiety and command the stage. I am known for helping clients confidently step away from the podium and authentically engage the audience. I would love to help you extend your reach and inspire your audience to take meaningful action. Step onto a bigger stage with one-to-one executive coaching and group presentation skills training. You can get started by contacting me for a CLAIM YOUR FREE “HOW TO SHINE IN THE SPOTLIGHT” STRATEGY SESSION