How to Engage with Nan



Clients work with me in a number of ways. Many clients contact me with an urgent need to prepare for a meeting, a key conversation or an upcoming presentation.

I get a lot of calls that go something like this:

NEW CLIENT: “Hi, I have a really important presentation coming up in the very near future, and I need to be brilliant, but quite frankly I’m pretty nervous about it and I heard you could really help me.” [They typically blurt this out pretty quickly]

NAN: “I can. I’m glad you called. [I say, in a remarkably reassuring tone] Tell me more.”

In almost all of my coaching work I focus on how to:

  • Identify your top priorities
  • Determine key challenges
  • Craft key messages 
  • Design the arc of your performance so it inspires your audience to take action
  • Uncover the unconscious habits that can undermine your authority
  • Hone your content with a powerful, authentic delivery
  • Embody your message with energy & passion



For clients with an urgent, short term need:

  • We work together for anywhere from 3-12 hours, in 3 hour blocks, typically completed in 3 weeks.

Details available upon request.


With two weeks left to prepare for a TEDx speech, Nishad Singh was panicked but with Nan's help he aced it. "She set me up for all speeches - not just this speech. Nan's work lasts a lifetime." 

Nishad Singh, TEDxYouth

Ross Levy had worked with Nan for some time when he called her from the car, ten minutes before an important client meeting. She was able to keenly listen, identify key issues and help form a compelling narrative. Ross won the multi-million dollar commission. "Nan is insightful and efficient. Her skill is unparalled."

Ross Levy, Architect

Famed bridal gown designer, Melissa Sweet, had been working on her TED Talk for six months without tangible progress when she reached out to Nan. "Nan gave me the tools to talk. The nervousness crumbled. My writers’ block crumbled. She gave me the presence I now have every time I step on stage.”

Melissa Sweet, Designer



a Multi-month VIP package

Designed for bold leaders who are committed to making a difference in the world and ready to take their work to the next level. We work together 2x/month in one-on-one coaching, plus phone sessions and customized inquiries to help you:

  • Prioritize your passion and your purpose
  • Design your schedule so your actions drive revenue and results
  • Increase your status as an expert in your field
  • Become a more powerful speaker
  • Gain the confidence and skills to ask decision-makers for significant financial investment
  • Infuse your business and personal life with energy and flow

Details available upon request.


Nan coached two VPs for a major Entertainment Industry client, on how to increase their presence and influence at high-stakes meetings with the CEO and divisional presidents. Following the engagement, both were promoted to Executive Vice President positions for their divisions. 

Entertainment Industry Client

I wanted to make partner at my young age,” notes the partner at a 'Big Five' Consulting firm. Nan and I got to work and within 14 months I made partner. Making partner did not come from coaching alone, but Nan’s work with me was crucial to my success

Consulting Firm Client

'Nan, You amaze me.  Thank you for inspiring me to continue on my new path of focus and commitment.”

Samantha Harris,  Service Manager, Microsoft


Create a powerful presentation portfolio.

For clients with a farther horizon and more time to invest: A program with one-on-one coaching to help you prepare for multiple upcoming appearances of varying lengths for different audiences. Nan will help you develop and deliver an expandable presentation portfolio to meet your needs. For example, clients have developed:

  • 1-3 minute media interviews
  • 6-12 minute panel presentations
  • 25-45 minute keynotes
  • Savvy Q&A strategies

Details available upon request.


“When I stood up to speak in front of more than 300 leading cardiologists, I knew the time and money my corporation and I had invested in executive coaching with Nan had been truly worthwhile. I would strongly recommend Nan to anyone who wants to learn how to hit it out of the park.”

Senior Executive, Multinational Healthcare Corporation

"Nan really knows her stuff. That investment of time has been invaluable. Whether I’m speaking to hundreds of people at industry conferences or small groups of girls I mentor, Nan has helped me nail it. And, now I actually enjoy it. "

Rita Lee, Vice President & Director of Research, Brouwer Janachowski


Ongoing coaching support for continuing clients.


•Half-day training [40-50 people]

•Two-day training intensive [8-12 people]

Strategic Storytelling:tools to increase your influence

This program will introduce skills and strategies used by master story-tellers and how you adapt them successfully for a business environment. The workshop will blend discussion of key ideas and experiential exercises for participants to practice with their own content.  Specifically it will:

·      Demonstrate the power and pertinence of story telling in a business environment.

·      List the criteria for good story telling.

·      Explore how to use voice and body language to convey powerful stories appropriately in a            business environment.

·      Provide practice and peer coaching to hone these skills.

Participants will leave empowered to use their personal experience, as well as  in new and productive ways to build cohesive teams, engage their audiences and increase their influence.

Step onto a bigger stage: sharpen your content, mindset & delivery for high-stakes presentations

Numerous factors contribute to delivering your message so your audience is motivated to take action.  Every presentation involves both the internal issues of strategy and the external elements of delivery. How we deliver our message is as vital as what we have to say and why.

This workshop will blend discussion of key ideas and experiential exercises for participants to practice with their own material.  

Specifically we will focus on how to:

·      Distill Your Ideas Into a Meaningful Message

·      Eliminate Unconscious Habits that Undermine Your Authority

·      Embody Your Message with Unshakable Determination.

·      Deliver a Speech that Will Inspire Your Audience to Take Action.


 Contact Nan to learn more about upcoming training opportunities for you or your organization.


Elevate Your Event

This package is conceived for organizers of large events. It addresses multiple pain points including working with presenters of varying experience and expertise, addressing conference-weary audiences and preventing Death by PowerPoint.The tools and techniques benefit a range of speakers:

Masters of the Art: high-level keynote speakers experienced in presenting to audiences of 1000’s.

Seasoned Presenters & Panelists: experienced speakers in their roles at work, newer to audiences of 100’s or 1000’s. 

Emerging Presenters: newer to public speaking.

Designed to elevate performance at every level, this is the package you need to bring your audience to their feet.

Details available on request.