Meet Nan’s TED Alumni

Nan has helped numerous clients step onto the TED stage. Read her article 'How To Make Your TED Talk Rock' and learn several insightful ways to make your high-stakes presentation rock.

How To Make Your TED Talk Rock


Committed to alleviating world hunger and poverty, Lynne Twist has been active in social justice and environmental causes for more than 40 years. She has helped raise over $200 million for these causes. Nan has worked with Lynne to prepare presentations for the Bioneers Conference and TEDxMarin.


Nan has prepared Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, the first female Fellow in the history of The National Geographic Society, for several key TED talks. Working with Nan, she created a passionate and compelling speech tying together her work as an explorer in the real world with the audience’s internal search for new knowledge. Elizabeth continues to work with Nan and has since presented to audiences around the world including many TED events, Bioneers and noteworthy academic venues.

BEFORE working with NAN

Following her first TED talk 'Curating Humanity's Heritage', below, Elizabeth reached out to Nan to help address some of the feedback she received, to balance her authenticity with her advocacy and to better connect with her audience. 

You can watch the video below to see Elizabeth's talk before working with Nan. 


Nishad Singh is the fastest 100 miler in the world for his age group though he suffers from asthma. Invited to give a TED talk about overcoming obstacles,Nishad procrastinated. With two weeks left he was panicking. He turned to Nan.

“She set me up for all speeches, not just this speech. Nan’s work lasts a lifetime – the result is not just for an event – it’s not just a small piece of your life – there are so many applications outside of speaking to apply what Nan teaches." — Nishad Singh


In 2010, famed bridal gown designer Melissa Sweet took a career break in Costa Rica. There she began programs to help neighbors grow and eat healthy food. These evolved into a non-profit, Vida Authéntica. An invitation to TED followed.

“I had been trying to write this speech for 6 months. Nan gave me the tools to talk. This was about presence not presentations. The nervousness crumbled. My writers’ block crumbled. Nan taught me how to jump in, how to get the most out of each opportunity. She gave me the presence I now have every time I step on stage.” — Melissa Sweet


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