Nan Delivers Keynotes with "Incredible Creative Energy"

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Nan Crawford’s presentations are invigorating and inspiring experiences that leave audiences eager to take on the challenges before them. Topics include:

from inspiration to action

Wrap up your event with an energizing closing keynote, where Nan Crawford will lead the call to think strategically, connect creatively, and act decisively.

Nan will engage your audience in a dynamic interactive session to celebrate conference highlights, integrate themes, and transform insight into action. Rather than seeking closure, Nan will help participants create openings as they go forth. Learn what’s possible when you embrace the maxim: “Commitment is sexy.”

fueling the creative fire: THE key tools leaders need for INNOVATION

The creative force lives within each of us.

Discover what holds us back and what feeds our innate creativity and how, as leaders, we can fuel the creative fire in our organizations, our colleagues, and our communities. Nan creates a highly experiential exploration, combined with opportunities for reflection and application.

In this engaging session, Nan will inspire your audience to transform the inner critic, cultivate a creative mindset, spark the imagination, gain confidence, and improve performance.

how to increase your influence with powerful presentations

Nan Crawford will help your audience learn how to shine in the spotlight.

She offers key strategies to more powerfully command the stage and deliver a focused message with clarity, creativity, and courage. When your team improves their pitching and presentation skills, more deals are closed, decisions get made faster, and your organization can make a bigger impact.

Nan Crawford has the creative fuel to fire up your audience.

Contact us to learn more about her dynamic presentations and how she can enliven your event.


“Powerful. A bringing together of the people, ideas, and values of the whole event.”

— Alan Webber
Founding Editor
Fast Company


“Nan Crawford helped us create a tremendously successful event.”

— Chris Bahr
Director of Product Management


“Incredible … creative energy for corporate productivity!”

— Robyn Waters
VP of Trend & Design TARGET


“Meaningful. Nan’s presentation generated an environment of ongoing respect and appreciation for each person.”

— Heather Henderson
Director of Training
Viking/Office Depot


“Absolutely fabulous!…Our audience was invigorated, energized, inspired.”

— Sue Klepac
Director of Change Management
Lucent Technologies